Since 2007, we have led the effort to promote honesty, respect and effectiveness in the Australian fundraising sector.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure an ethical and sustainable Non-Profit sector through our targeted Face-To-Face and Call Centre campaigns, representing some of Australia's and the world's most well respected charities.

About us

We have been fundraising for the world’s most reputable international aid, medical, disability support, environmental and advocacy organisations for over 10 years. We specialise in ethical, compassionate and engaging interactions that result in high quality monthly donations as well as strong, engaged communities. Well respected in the not-for-profit sector for our commitment to high quality and passion-based fundraising, we have raised over $500 million for our charity partners in sustainable, long-term donations.

We are renowned for our excellent account management and customer service. When working with Public Outreach clients know they are working with a trusted partner. 

We are dedicated to the well being of our entire staff body, having a reputation for being an excellent employer; valuing growth, hard work and joy in the workplace. We pride ourselves on providing strong career advancement opportunities both internally and within the greater not-for-profit sector.