From our partners

Since 2007, Public Outreach’s professional face to face and telephone fundraisers have played an integral role in generating the reliable, independent funding that ACF needs to get to the heart of environmental problems and deliver lasting change. After almost ten years of partnership, we know that Public Outreach’s well-informed, passionate representatives share a genuine commitment to our cause.
— Australian Conservation Foundation

Bush Heritage is one of Australia’s leading conservation charities, managing a network of wildlife reserves across the country. Since 2010, we’ve worked closely with Public Outreach’s fundraisers to help grow the number of people who support us and, as a result, to increase the amount of land and the animals and plants we can protect. Over the years Public Outreach’s passionate representatives have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Bush Heritage and, in return, many of these fundraisers have been able to visit our reserves to see for themselves what it is they are helping to safeguard. Together, we will continue to protect Australia’s most threatened landscapes and species!
— Bush Heritage Australia

Public Outreach has always been fantastic to work with. If ever we have a request they go out of their way to meet it. They are a warm organisation who care about the cause and reaching your charity goals.
— Vision Australia / Seeing Eye Dogs Australia