At Public Outreach, we have a clear focus on ensuring that our fundraising results are consistently excellent and industry-leading. We are a ‘fundraising-focused’ provider, committed to never losing sight of what we’re here to do: maximise donor revenue for our partners. 

This means that PO’s first point of investment is always in the fundraisers themselves. We focus on training, coaching and performance management to ensure superior results and happy donors.  We encourage our clients to have a high-level of contact with our fundraising team. We know that a strong connection between our fundraisers and the partners they represent is the key to success.

We continually strive to ensure that our partners enjoy an ‘easy’ experience in working with PO, and provide the below ‘core’ services and technology to support your campaign:

· Dedicated Account Management

· Flexible and fast data delivery options

· Quarterly Attrition Analysis

· Comprehensive and easy-to-understand Weekly Reporting

· End of Campaign performance reviews

In the instance that our partners have additional needs or requirements, we will always endeavour to meet them. We employ a flexible approach and are dedicated to being a user-friendly provider.